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Travel Report Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas USA / Wedding in Vegas
one stop on Wendy's & Joe's world tour 2004/05

Las Vegas / Nevada


Kind of travel: Travelling alone
Year of this voyage: 2005
Author's age: 30-45 years

Viva Las Vegas USA

Journal Update 24th February 2005
Having a wonderful, ace time. Joe is moaning like an old lady as I have made him walk the strip about 20 times - I luv it soooo much!!!! Checking out the chapel in the morning will ask to get the live broadcast done 1.00pm USA time Saturday 26th. Got a dress for $10 today - may end up wearing that.

Journal Update 25th February 2005
Our journey up here was about as surreal as it could get. The fellow passengers on the Greyhound consisted of about a dozen criminals just let out of the pen with matching blue jeans, white tennis shoes and white T-shirts and a bum who decided to sit next to me!
We moved back, and just as the trip was under way he seemed to wet himself, and worse so it got a bit stinky.

We got to Vegas at night which was incredible seeing the skyline lit up in front of us just like a mirage in the desert. Yesterday we went to the county office to get our documents for the wedding tomorrow.

When Joe asked if the postage was free to the woman behind the counter, she said of course not, this is America!

We visited The Freemont Experience and Joe drank a football of beer, two different people tried to pick our pockets and I had 99 cent shrimp cocktail at the Golden Gate.
We went to an all you can eat buffet at The Monte Carlo and worked out we can ride the buses for free (by pretending we have no change).

Joe is upset because I tipped the hair dresser today $5. I bought a thrift store dress for $10.
I decided to wear the dress I got made in the Nam as Joe thought the sequined thrift store number wasn't weddingy enough and a bit too trashy. I had to buy a BIG pair of Bridget Jones pants though when I realised it was quite transparent. Joe also got me a pretty head band to wear from an antique shop in Santa Monica.

The chapel is exactly as you would expect with about three other couples getting hitched at the same time. We were handed a role of film and shuffled in to the photo studio to have our wedding album taken by a photographer, who also doubles as Sammy Davis Junior. He got us to pose in the most cheesy way imaginable and kept telling Joe to give more teeth. Joe replied that he had no teeth to flash, which sort of shut him up.

Journal Update 26th February 2005
Joe got a new T-shirt emblazoned with Hollywood for the wedding (he was going for that Miami Vice styling).

Joe had checked out the chapel the day before and had met Rhoda who was the organist in the chapel. She was quite a nice old lady with thick rimmed glasses and a smart embroidered cardigan. She told me to take his ring and put it on my thumb and he had to wear mine on his pinky (which made me giggle!).

Unfortunately she showed her true colours when Joe looked back in the chapel after the ceremony and saw her holding up the $10 note Joe had left in her tip jar to see exactly what we had left for her.

Joseph Brilus
Joseph Brilus

Wendy Brierley
Wendy Brierley


We decided to blow the deposit for a house on a grand world tour through 2004. We booked through STA travel and put together a brief itinerary including the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. As it turned out we experienced China, Bali, Fiji and many more places in between.

We decided to end the trip with a wedding in Las Vegas (which was very memorable!) As a wedding present my brother put together an on-line travel blog for us which was a great tool for documenting our journey. This experience truly changed our lives and we encountered many fantastic people through out the world. I hope you enjoy reading some highlights of our journal!

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The minister made quite a good speech about love although I couldn't tell you what on earth it all meant.
Afterwards we went outside and had a few pictures taken, whilst a family who looked like extras from the Sopranos, had a blazing row. The bride wore polyester!

Afterwards we went to The Bellagio for a champagne brunch, after which we felt really really sick so went home to our upgraded suite and fell asleep. The room was amazing with a bath the size of a swimming pool and a mirrored ceiling.

Yesterday we got up at 5.00 am and took a bus to the desert to Nevada to see the Grand Canyon, and I am so glad we did.
It was so beautiful with snow freshly fallen and so peaceful. The canyon itself is an experience you cannot ever convey with a photograph. You do feel so in awe of the sight it takes your breath away.


a further stop on Wendy's & Joe's world tour 2004/05

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