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Travel Report Melaka (Malacca)

Melaka, Malaysia


Kind of travel: Travelling alone
Year of this voyage: 2004
Author's age: 45-60 years

Coming from Tioman we reached Malacca at the West-Coast of Malaysia after quite a long bus ride.
Because Ary had read about the Babas and Nyonyas and about their excellent way to cook, we decided to stay in a "Baba Huys", ... right in the middle of Chinatown, ... right in the middle of pulsing life.


...where old times are still alife
churches, temples, mosques


Above the Baba House Entrance
Above the Baba House Entrance

Already in 15th century Melaka had been one of the biggest trading harbours in South-East Asia.
Trading with China, India, Thailand and Indonesia made this city wealthy, but also attractive from conquerors from Europe. Portuguese, French, English and Dutch fought for centuries about this city.

"Christchurch" and "Stadthuys"
"Christchurch" and "Stadthuys"


Ary in front of Christchurch
Ary in front of Christchurch

old Windmill
Old Windmill


Until today you can see in Malacca's historical centre the dominating Dutch influence. The "Stadthuys" (1645) with its clock tower and the "Christchurch" are famous relics of those times.

Porta de Santiago had once been the entrance gate to the -later destroyed- Fort A' Formosa (1512) and it shows the Portuguese occupation as well as St. Paul's Church from 1521.

Chinese House Rischka Porta de Santiago
Malacca Impressions

In "Chinatown" it is always busy and interesting with lots of overflowing antique-shops and old Chinese temples in narrow streets.

Everything seems to be old fashioned and belonging to long past times and long lost fantasies. But lots of tourists from all over the world come here and love the scenery...


Baba House
Baba House

Gerhard in an Indian Restaurant
Gerhard in an Indian Restaurant


Load night markets, ....
musicians on narrow roads, ....
waving, colourful lampions at the temples, ....
a refreshing drink between small outdoor grills in a humid, warm night, ...
a strange taste and smell fills up the air ...
yeah, ...
the descendants of the first immigrant generation of Chinese, the Babas and Nyonyas follow their traditions of their famous cuisine till these days.

A boat-trip on Melaka-River, - a dirty river with just a little depth - offers interesting views of old houses built on wooden pales and of the Malacca people's the life on their river. This brown and stinky waterway winds through the city and under low bridges with lots of traffic.

Malacca River
Malacca River

Today Malacca is not such an important trading place as in former times. With huge efforts people try to reactivate that famous trading tradition and to take part in Malaysia's booming economy. New shopping-centres, homes and apartment complexes are a modern enrichment for Melaka. But they do not create that individual and charming atmosphere of those ancient Chinese quarters.

Melaka River
Melaka River


Melaka River
Melaka River

At the bus station outside the city's centre we were waiting for our bus back to Singapore. We decided to spend more time in that place this time.

Gerhard Waldner
Gerhard Waldner

Born in Ludwigshafen at the River Rhine (Germany), Gerhard was fascinated to discover foreign countries since his early schooldays. Mostly by bicycle and motorcycle he travelled through more than 60 countries. During a his life he found enough time to travel to faraway regions, he was interested in.

Since 2006 he is living mostly in his house in Bali with his Balinesse wife Yuni. He always felt drawn to the island of Bali, with its people, culture, religion and its countryside. More than 17.500 islands of the Indonesian archipelago are lying now in front of his doorstep, waiting to be discovered.

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Travel Report Melaka (Malacca)