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From India to Germany

Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Solingen
Mosel Area and Cochem


Kind of travel: Travelling alone
Year of this voyage: 2005
Author's age: 16-30 Jahre

Princess Divya of Nachana: Our journey to Germany
A Fairytale Comes True - Germany was a Dreamland for Us

Dear Bernd, dear Friends in Germany - Khamaghani !

Sorry!!!! I am late again but what to do, I was still in the hangover and was busy telling stories of Germany and France to all my relatives - showing pictures - and also talking about all the great experiences we had.

You might not know but this was just like sometimes in Fairytales what happens - you wish for something and sleep and when you wake up, you see it has already been granted - so our trip to Germany was actually like that - - we had always dreamt of going abroad and because of Michael we could actually do it - and it was so fabulous that it will remain in our memories for ever.

Until we were there we could not believe that we are actually there - Michael had come to pick us up on the Airport - and we were driving towards Kaarst - but still we had no emotions whatsoever as we were stunned to see all that and it took us the whole day until the other day we could feel and express ourselves - ya, it's really true.

German Village


What a Huge Airport !

The first sight which amazed us was the huge Frankfurt airport - the only airport we had seen before this was the airport in Delhi and it seemed to be such a tiny and dirty one in front this huge airport - we were a little bit nervous as everybody back home had told us about all the possible difficulties we could face as soon as we reach Frankfurt - and I was also carrying some eatables with me which I was told are not allowed at all - but we were fortunate enough to get out of the airport without any hassles and even the first German we saw on the airport was really friendly and smiling to us.

Traffic So Much In Order!

So we went to a lot of places in Germany - firstly to Dusseldorf - it was raining a little bit then and we went to the big TV-tower from where we had a stunning view of the city - the lift moved so fast -..ya! And the river and the vessels in it looked all so tiny - Oh I forgot to mention - as soon as we were on the highway - wow! - there were so many cars yet all the traffic was so much in order and everybody followed his own lane and besides being so many cars on the road there was no pollution at all and the most amazing thing was that every other car was a Mercedes which we rarely see on the Indian roads - ya, and all sorts of beautiful and the best cars of the world oh - oh I think my brother and Reggie were both going crazy seeing all these speedy cars.

In the following days we went to Cologne where we saw the famous Cathedral and the nice street where we bought some souvenirs like Eau de Cologne and also Vikram bought a big beer glass but the most embarrassing scene for me was in the square just in front of the Cathedral - where two young girls were dancing and stripping - - yes of course for Reggie and Vikram it was the most fabulous one but - o.k. for me also it was completely a different sight and we also sat in the train - which was so clean and fast - that we actually enjoyed being in it.

With Bernd and his tame Parrot under one roof

We stayed at Bernd's and Reggie at Michael's place - and because you (Bernd) are such a nice and cool guy that we actually felt at home - we could come and go whenever we wanted and your Coco also amazed me - I had never seen a bird without a cage and Vikram really relished your Cappuccino - because you came with it anytime he wanted.

It was only on the first day that we had some rain otherwise sun followed us since then wherever we went - what more one can ask from Germany?

We must really thank the god in Germany to have been so kind to us otherwise we would have been frozen!


Raju, Reggie, Vikram & Divya in front of the Chinese Restaurant
Raju, Reggie, Vikram & Divya
in front of the Chinese Restaurant

After Dusseldorf, Cologne - now Hamburg!

So next we went to Hamburg - where Charlotte and Johannes also met us and that too in the famous Fischmarkt - it really feels very nice when you meet some of your acquaintances so far away from home - it was really nice of them to have come all the way from Lubeck to Hamburg and that too just to meet us - we will never forget the day we spent with them firstly shopping in the Fischmarkt - it was really humorous the way they were trying to sell their fishes and cheese and the best part of it was that we actually met some Indians who were also selling goods there and from them we actually got a very good bargain - yes in Germany.

Then we took the cruise in a big ship around the harbour - and this was the first time we had sat in such a big vessel - wow! - it actually felt great.

Michael even asked us if we were a little bit sea sick - but no we were enjoying thoroughly and Johannes also told us some interesting facts about Hamburg - like it is the second biggest harbour in Europe and it had more than 3000 bridges which was really amazing - for us to see such a big river and the huge vessels in it was something out of this world - we also saw the second biggest container vessel in the world - it was being repaired and repainted oh my god!

I can't explain how huge was this one - as Johannes himself was a Captain so he told us many interesting things about the ships.


Divya und Michael
Divya und Michael

Then we took another cruise, this time in a rather smaller one but beautiful - beautiful - all the houses alongside the river and all those smaller boats and gondolas. At night we went to the musical "Cats" - yes and this was something really unimaginable - all these cats they were dancing and performing so nicely - we were lucky enough to take the autograph of the oldest cat - yes.

Oh my god - if I start to explain everything like this then - it will be too long for anyone to read - so I must cut short!

We Like Smaller Towns and Homemade Food

Then we went to Solingen - which is also one of the most beautiful places we saw in Germany - Michael's parents invited us for lunch which was one of the best meals we had in Germany - yes homemade food always tastes great.

We also saw many Forts around there and it was really nice to see how well were they maintained - this is the only thing lacking in India - otherwise we also have many beautiful things but slowly they are being destroyed because of no maintenance - it's a pity.

For Desert People More Than 3 Trees is a JUNGLE!

I still remember that long walk which we took to go to Burg Eltz - it was so beautiful to walk in the jungle still being so safe - Michael said they are not jungles - but for us they were even more than jungles as we had never seen so many trees - and rivers and he also said that if you really want to see jungle then you must go to Kerala - but one thing which really amazed us was that there was almost no wildlife in there and there were these nice paths where you could walk so easily - so Michael said Germans have made everything to their convenience and Vikram said "I think you ate all the wild animals that's why there is none left"

I would like if the forts in India could be preserved in the same way - yes this is something what we must learn from you - to preserve our past.

Longest Hiking of My Whole Life

I would never forget the long walks we took and I am sure that I walked more in these two weeks then I had walked in my whole life - yes but now when I am back home where I have no place to walk -..I really miss it./p>

But my most favourite place in Germany until now is the area near Mosel - which is so green and this small town Cochem - oh, this was for me the most beautiful place and I think heaven cannot be in anyway better than this and now I dream of bringing my mother once to this place - because she loves greenery so much and I am sure that if once she comes here - she would not like to go back, ya!

Mosel Area and Cochem - My Ultimate Highlights!

When I showed her the pictures she said it is like a dreamland - yes I completely agree to her. I think because of the fact that we have always lived in such a small place like Jaisalmer - so my fascination is always towards smaller places - because you kind of get a sense of belonging there whereas this feeling is completely missing in big cities - you are so much more relaxed in a smaller place and also the area near river Rhine was amazingly beautiful.

Paris, Versailles and Disneyland

Then we went to Paris - but first to Versailles - oh I had seen many, many forts and castles and palaces in my life but when I saw this one - I think I don't even have words to explain it's beauty and grandeur - this is something really grand and majestic - oh those big halls, bed chambers, crystal room and the huge gardens and the swimming pools - almost like lakes and those beautifully carved pillars and statues and those wonderful paintings and carpets and oh I think the list will go on and on .....

Then we proceeded to Paris - and believe me - I had never seen a big city as beautiful as Paris - I think Paris must have been a dream of an artist which actually came true - the whole city seems to be decorated and the beautiful churches and the number of museums and even the roads and all the statues - I think they have countless statues in Paris. Now I understand why all the artists go and settle in Paris - there cannot be anything better than this place for an artist - I would also like to go and join an art school to learn painting and sketching - - maybe it just remains another dream of mine.

We also went all the way on the top of the Eiffel-Tower - no sight can be better than this - yes the whole city looks so clean nice and systematic and I think we have some really nice pictures from there of the city. We travelled in Paris in this famous Metro - the underground train - wow! It was I think a very convenient way to travel in such a big city - because otherwise it would had been so difficult to move around in Paris. It was really fast.

Then the other day we went to Disneyland - I think it was like a fairyland - what we imagine when we read a fairytale and people have actually made this place - wonderful - it was - we tried I think all the trains and even the most difficult one - this space mountain - but Michael was intelligent as the first train he took us to was this space mountain otherwise if I had even the slightest idea how dangerous it is - then I would have never sat in it - - Oh I was screaming in it and when we came out I got the most horrible picture of my life - which says "I survived" I think no word can explain my situation at that time than this - and I also have a picture with Mickey Mouse - yes it was a fun day altogether and then we started again to our way back to Frankfurt.

Best Wines & Beers of the World

On the whole - Vikram and Reggie really enjoyed drinking the much famous German beer and I enjoyed my favourite - white wine which is so difficult to find in India and I also bought a bottle of white wine for my sister in law - the Her Highness of Jaisalmer from Mosel and she really liked it very much - she said this is one of the best wines she has ever had. We also visited many supermarkets - which are really nice and so much more convenient than to go to many shops for small - small things - you can find everything at one place.

We learnt many things from this travel and I think it will go a long way with us in providing best of services to our European guests - There are so many impressions in my mind that I am so confused - but I think we really loved the cleanliness, the systematic way of doing things, the greenery, the perfect traffic on roads, no bargain - no cheating, and these small small gadgets what you guys use which makes life so much more easier.

And No Aggressions Against Foreigners !!

When we were coming to Germany everybody said that Germans are really very cold towards Indians and they don't like them so nobody will smile at you and so on - but the best part of our travel was that we met always people who were nice and were smiling to us - be it anyone - from shopkeepers to even people walking on the road - many times we got gifts from the shopkeepers and even sometimes people walking on the road just stood by to say that you are very beautiful - yes I got many compliments and I could see that even people who were looking at us were looking with praise in their eyes.

It was the same with people in France - and as I could speak some French so they were all the more happier. The only problem I had was with the food - I am very - very conventional in eating - I don't try many things - that's why only otherwise Vikram and Reggie really enjoyed the food as Vikram doesn't likes to eat much chilly but for me food without chilly is a nightmare - but anyway I managed.

Good Food

Talking of food, I would like to mention some of the nice dinners we had - First of all I would like to say many thanks to Raju, his sister Mercy and her husband - for providing us such a great Indian meal - how much I liked it, oh I just can't say - it was really like at home and we could actually eat real Indian food in Germany - Can you please send us the email or the postal address of Mercy so that we can convey our thanks message to them.

Then the next day only we went to this wonderful Chinese Restaurant with you and really that was the best Chinese food we ate in Germany - yes, Bernd many thanks for it as it was really a great evening - and I have some beautiful pictures from that day which will always remind us of that and the best picture is of you with the rose - do you remember? I will send it to you as well very soon.

One Drunken Guy Can't Spoil My Impressions

Then one day we went with Esther - yes, and that too was a great evening - we walked around in Dusseldorf - did some more shopping and we also called Marion from a public booth just nearby and one very strange thing happened that day - because otherwise I had always felt very safe in Germany but when I was talking to Marion this very strange looking man came and stood just not very far from me and he was staring continuously at me and started speaking something in German - I got really scared and Esther and Reggie and Vikram, all came and stood beside me as if they were protecting me - but I think he was completely drunk - so I finished my talk early and started to walk really fast - but this guy didn't leave us there, he came behind us and even Esther was panicked at this - I couldn't understand why did he came behind me only as there were many people on the street - but sometimes it happens and we got away with it anyway without anymore trouble - then we joined Esther's boyfriend who was already waiting for us in a bar with his cousin and everybody drank to his heart that day and Esther and her boyfriend were so nice that even when it was so late at night when we finished, they came all the way to Kaarst to drop us back home and we all will surely remember this evening as well.

Thanks to Michael

All of us are really obliged and I think nothing can pay back your love and warmth which we received so far away from home but never felt outside it. Many thanks to Michael because of whom it actually happened - and he really made such a nice plan for us that we could see many things in a very short time - and he was such a nice guide. It was all possible because of Michael -..he sponsored our whole trip and even paid for the Air tickets - he also took a 2 weeks leave just to take us around and we went everywhere in his car - he drove us and it would never have been possible without him as we cannot even think of travelling on our own and that too in a country completely unknown to us and also it is so expensive that at this moment we could not even afford it - nothing can repay his kindness, love and care and also we felt very safe with him - and the travelling became so much more easier coz he had already arranged everything - ..Many thanks to you Michael!!

Princess Divya Singh of Nachana
Divya Singh

Bernd Symons
Bernd Symons


Princess Divya Singh of Nachana (Rajasthan, India)
In a 280 yrs old Haveli which belongs to her father who is an ex-Maharaja of Nachana, Princess Divya and her brother Vikra host guests from "Rajputana-Discovery".

Bernd Symons from Rhineland (Germany)
According to his "Kerala-Discovery"-philosophy you will experience an eventful voyage through the fascinating south and north of India. You will find "your" private and original India like all our guests before.

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Just because of the fact that we were there for a very short time we could not meet many of our very close friends - this was really unfortunate and the worst was that we could not even meet Marion but anyway this will be a good reason for us to come back to Germany!

We loved your country and also your people - We thought until now that Indian hospitality is the best - but now when we have seen yours it feels like - it's not really true and now we feel so much indebted to Michael and all our friends there that we feel nothing can repay it.

Best wishes and regards,

Divya and Vikramaditya Singh

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Letter from Divya and Vikramaditya Singh
via: Bernd Symons (Kerala Discovery)

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