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Travel Report Cook Islands with Cyclones

Cook Islands with Cyclones
one stop on Wendy's & Joe's world tour 2004/05

Rarotonga / Cook Islands


Kind of travel: Travelling alone
Year of this voyage: 2005
Author's age: 30-45 years

Journal Update 13th February 2005 / Cook Islands

We are now in Rarotonga staying in a beach house, on the beach! Weather is still hot but a little overcast. The island is beautiful as you would expect an island to be in the South Pacific. We have a little scooter and are having fun riding around the island (which takes about half an hour). There is only one road and it is full of pot holes. We popped into town today and saw the buildings which were hit by the cyclone last week. Joe is the happy recipient of a Cook Island driving license (tres cool).

Journal Update 16th February 2005 / Stuck in Cyclone Nancy

Hi Guys
I don't know whether you have seen the news, but we have been stuck in a cyclone for a couple of days. A bit shaken, but very safe in a concrete house.

Have moved ticket to LA forward. Hopefully going tomorrow or the night after.

Please let Joe's mum know we are both safe and to say a prayer for us as Cyclone Olaf is on its way in the next few days.


Journal Update 16th February 2005
Still stuck in the Cook Islands

Hi guys
We are still stuck here until tomorrow night as they cancelled our flight out last night due to strong winds.
Joe was very happy and we had to drink a bottle of champagne someone had left behind in the house to celebrate!

We forgot Valentines Day in all the commotion of Cyclone Nancy (so I hope that doesn't mean our marriage is doomed!).

Well we have been very lucky as the west side of the island didn't sustain much damage. We were flooded out by rain but quite safe. Many others were not so lucky and many places have had the roof blown off or have been wrecked by falling trees. We managed to get the last two seats on the flight out to Tahiti and LA tomorrow so we are thanking our lucky stars.



Joseph Brilus
Joseph Brilus

Wendy Brierley
Wendy Brierley


We decided to blow the deposit for a house on a grand world tour through 2004. We booked through STA travel and put together a brief itinerary including the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. As it turned out we experienced China, Bali, Fiji and many more places in between.

We decided to end the trip with a wedding in Las Vegas (which was very memorable!) As a wedding present my brother put together an on-line travel blog for us which was a great tool for documenting our journey. This experience truly changed our lives and we encountered many fantastic people through out the world. I hope you enjoy reading some highlights of our journal!

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Journal Update 19th February 2005 / Cook Islands

We are still in this hell hole.
They cancelled our flight out last night and we had to sit through the second cyclone up in the back packers on the hill. As it was our place on the beach was flooded out with the surging seas.

We were scheduled out to fly again tomorrow night, but I made us change the tickets out back to Auckland tomorrow morning then to catch a flight direct from there. I don't trust them that we will get out tomorrow evening and they say another is coming.

Will keep you posted.

Cheers Wendy

a further stop on Wendy's & Joe's world tour 2004/05

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