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Travel Report Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
one stop on Wendy's & Joe's world tour 2004/05

Kuala Lumpur


Kind of travel: Travelling alone
Year of this voyage: 2004
Author's age: 30-45 years

Journal Update 07th April 2004 / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
We said a sad goodbye to Tioman Island on Monday. Although the weather began to deteriorate in the last two days with some pretty mad and bad storms we still had fun. So we are here again at the centre of things and Joe is missing his little beach and the azure blue waters. We went snorkelling in the last few days and saw an incredible variety of fish but didn't find Nemo!

The journey was memorable once again we were dropped off at the tiny airport in Tekek Tioman in a small fishing boat which took us right up to the entrance of the airport. Then we got on a small propeller plane that flew the one hour to KL. Once again we had a very scary flight taking off in blue skies but landing in pouring rain with plenty of turbulence en-route. Joe did nothing to allay my fears of death as he kept on practicing the brace position throughout (much to the distain of the rest of the 12 passengers!).

Kuala Lumpur Mosque
We met some lovely people in Tioman all of whom went out of their way to help us out whenever possible. The guy in the internet cafe spend days patiently helping me try to download our mountain of photos to no avail. Joe was a big hit with the local kids who spent a morning in the rain learning to cha cha cha with Joe teaching them his mad dance steps.

Umper lumpa, as we call it, is full of crumbling old buildings next to huge modern sky scrapers. We spent the day playing on the new monorail (which has recently opened after part of it fell to the ground in trials) though I would say it cannot compete with the Japanese train systems.
The shops are good though and great knock off designer gear is in abundance (55 DSL T-shirts for 4 quid - Ann).

We are planning to move on to Penang on the 9th and have booked a 1st class cabin on the night train sleeper for about 20 pounds to Butterworth. It looks very Agatha Christie with wooden bunks and tartan throws. I am very, very excited and plan to make cheese sandwiches for the journey. Joe has two bottles of duty free Jack Daniels that he acquired at the end of his dry period on Tioman Island. He is hoping to consume both bottles within the ten hour journey as Penang is also duty free.

Update 08 April 2004 / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Today Joe went to a reflexology place in China Town to try and sort out his knee problem. The place was a bit of a seedy den with lots of strange charts on the wall, old beige recliners and casualty ward style examination beds. The guy inspected Joe's leg and told him to lay on one of the beds and remove his trousers! Joe looked extremely worried especially when the guy pulled the curtains around. I kept a close eye on the proceedings just in case we needed to make a run for it, but all went well. Though the guy didn't even touch his knee (just his feet) we think it must have done some good.

Central Market
We spent the afternoon ambling around China Town and visited Central Market which is an old Art Deco style wet market turned crafts place and had a delicious meal for 5 pounds of fried noodles and seafood and bean-curd with fresh lime juice which was heaven. Then we attempted to visit the Army and RAF museum out of town but got there and it was closed for refurbishment. Later we went to the Twin Towers and had a poke around. They are incredible, even more awe inspiring than I remember the World Trade Centre being. Tomorrow morning we are planning to get up early and try to visit the viewing deck as the view must be incredible.

Journal Update 11th April 2004 / Kuala Lumper Malaysia

Hi All
I have been a little under the weather myself as I got rained on in KL and seem to have a bad cold. I hope it isn't Bird Flu! Joe is also fragile as he had a few sun downers last night on the balcony. We travelled here on the overnight sleeper from KL Sentral to Butterworth which is the last town on the mainland where the ferry departs for Penang. We had our own little cabin for the 10 hour 300 mile journey with bunk beds, a little wash basin and Air Conditioning. The journey went surprisingly quickly though there were many stops on route as it is a single track. I woke many times in the night and looked out the window at the jungle passing by and to the sound of strange animals (though it may have been Joe snoring!) It wasn't the Orient Express but worth the 18 pounds for first class (you also get a free bottle of water and small cake). We prepared for the journey with a feast of bread and cheese (which is hard to come by in Malaysia) and Jack Daniels and Coke which is surprisingly easy to come by despite everyone being Muslim. It is only 8 pounds for a litre bottle so we had to have some didn't we?

So as we were departing KL Joe went for his usual exploration about the train and noticed that all the exterior doors were open to the elements. Hastily the Jack Daniels was packed away, as Joe said all it takes is one clumsy slip and goodbye Penang.

We caught the ferry at about 5.45 am and arrived at the Hotel at about 6.30 am. To our dismay they said the earliest check in was at 2.00pm. In distress we sat on a wall for a while to formulate our plans, deposited our luggage at the hotel and walked into Georgetown. Not much is happening at 7.00 am so we hailed a rickshaw for an hour tour of the sights. As we got going we realised the driver was about as old as my dad (with less teeth). He was also struggling with our combined weights (just as well we didn't have the luggage with us). We spent the ride in terror, especially when he changed lanes so frequently on the very busy main roads.

His tour comprised a grotty old temple and the police HQ. We escaped after half and hour, though Joe paid him double as we just felt so sorry for the poor old sod. Eventually we went back to the hotel at about 10.30am and thankfully got in to our lovely room. The hotel is called 1926 and is an old British officers' quarter's with a gorgeous balcony and wooden floors.

Joseph Brilus
Joseph Brilus

Wendy Brierley
Wendy Brierley


We decided to blow the deposit for a house on a grand world tour through 2004. We booked through STA travel and put together a brief itinerary including the Far East, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. As it turned out we experienced China, Bali, Fiji and many more places in between.

We decided to end the trip with a wedding in Las Vegas (which was very memorable!) As a wedding present my brother put together an on-line travel blog for us which was a great tool for documenting our journey. This experience truly changed our lives and we encountered many fantastic people through out the world. I hope you enjoy reading some highlights of our journal!

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Georgetown is a bit like Torquay in Devon, well past its hey day but wonderfully shabby with many Art Deco buildings, including the Eastern and Oriental Hotel which was run by the same managers as Raffles in Singapore. There are also many different churches considering again it is predominantly Muslim here.

We are staying for a couple more days and planning to get a scooter out tomorrow to see the island (so we can go swimming). We booked our onward ticket to Langkawi for Wednesday by ferry which will take about 2 hours and cost about a fiver each. We will get a little beach chalet there for about a week. We are not in a hurry to cross the border into Thailand as we have read that there is trouble brewing at the border for the Thai New Year which starts the 13th April. So our plan is to take a ferry onwards to one of the southern islands to avoid any trouble if we can. Thankfully it isn't raining but it is about 100°+ outside so rather hot to tour around.

Wendy Brierley

a further stop on Wendy's & Joe's world tour 2004/05

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